best shaker bottle for protein 2016


==General Shaker Information==


Shaker bottles for protein vary greatly, but nearly all are very reasonably priced – most cost under $10. In the past, the best shaker bottles for protein were limited in style, but today, the size, style and colors are so varied, everyone can find one they like. Nearly all the best shaker bottles for protein have locking mechanisms to prevent your protein shake from leaking. Most shaker bottles are now BPA free and many are shatter proof. Many versions come with some kind of a clip, loop or hook for either your finger or to attach to a bag (or your keys if you are at the gym). If you are worried about fitting the shaker bottle into your cup holder, styles today accommodate that as well.


Some shaker bottles for protein even have a storage compartment for extra serving of protein later in the day. This feature is really nice for people who have long days or never know when they might want to make their shake – a protein shake that has sat too long is never pleasant.



==Benefits of Shaker Bottles for Protein==

Stirring with a spoon or just shaking your protein in a bottle can result in lumps of protein not dissolved – an unpleasant experience to be sure. The best shaker bottles for protein prevent clumps in your shake. Some shakers have stationary device while others contain a free floating ball type device or a mesh screen to mix your protein. The style shaker you choose might also depend on whether you intend to mix in other ingredients, like bananas or peanut butter, or simply use water, milk, or juice for the protein powder.


No matter which shaker bottle for protein you choose, you have the convenience of not needing a blender or whisk and bowl – making extra dishes before you have left the house. The shaker can also be used to mix other things too – like salad dressing – so it is not just a one trick pony. Some styles of shaker bottles are both freezer and dishwasher safe, which add to its usefulness in the kitchen.


All the best shaker bottles for protein are easily cleaned. Some simply need a good shake with soap and water, but most are now dishwasher safe. A few fancy models are even self cleaning! Shaker bottles are also easy to disassemble for cleaning – so you can be sure that the next time you make a protein shake it will be in a clean bottle.



==Why People Use Shaker Bottles for Protein==

People use shaker bottles for protein for a variety of reasons. Your reason might be just to help keep your fitness goals. Other people are trying to bulk muscle mass. For those people, the best shaker bottles for protein eliminate the need to eat every three hours – they can drink instead. Drinking protein is definitely cheaper than eating protein, so it can be a huge cost saving option for many. Young athletes still growing and developing muscles also use protein shakes to help recover quickly and build muscle mass faster. For people who struggle to meet their protein or caloric needs, a shaker bottle is an excellent option. Shaker bottles can also be used to provide extra vitamins and supplements in smoothie form. Many people also opt to use shaker bottles for protein to aid in their weight loss goals. Shaker bottles can be a meal replacement option for people.



== Shaker Bottles Unique to You==

No matter why you chose to buy a shaker bottle for protein, it is important that you do your research. If you aren’t happy with the shaker bottle you select, you aren’t likely to use it. You have to buy one that meets your needs. Read your choices and think about how you are most likely to use the bottle. If you need a feature, be certain your new bottle will come with it. The variety of shaker bottles exist today to allow you to get the exact shaker bottle to meed all your needs and wants. You need the best shaker bottle for protein for you.


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