Top 10 Best Electrolyte Replacement Drinks


++Why Electrolyte Replacement Drinks++

People drink electrolyte replacement drinks all the time. Some people drink them instead of water. But what are they really for? The best electrolyte replacement drinks are needed for athletes, of course, and to help people deal with extreme heat, recover from excessive sweating, an illness and to prevent cramping. They are not just a random beverage.


The best electrolyte replacement drinks replace carbohydrates, minerals (that’s those electrolytes), often vitamins, and always liquid (water). The key, however, is the ratio of each ingredient and the combination overall. Some electrolyte replacement drinks contain sodium but no potassium, other contain sodium and potassium but no chloride or calcium. It is crucial to know what is in the electrolyte replacement drink you are buying or you might not be replacing what you think.



++Picking An Electrolyte Replacement Drink++

Before making a purchase, do your homework. Many of the best electrolyte replacement drinks are clinically tested. Go to their websites and read their information – is it what you need to meet your goals?


Check to see if the electrolyte replacement drink you are considering interferes with any medication you are taking. You may need to call your doctor or pharmacy to double check. It sounds silly, but again, the best electrolyte replacement drinks are not just a beverage – they perform a function – to replace crucial electrolytes in your body.


Are you particular about artificial ingredients? Some electrolyte replacement drinks have artificial sugars. Others contain artificial colors and flavors. Read the labels. Some of the best electrolyte replacement drinks contain only natural ingredients. Often, an easily readable ingredient list tells you something about the product. The ingredient list will also help you find any ingredient you are trying to avoid or get the most of in your electrolyte replacement drink.


In addition, be aware of the serving size. Electrolyte replacement drinks come in many forms, pellets and powders to quart size bottles. You don’t need more than the serving size to replace the electrolytes. Water is a good alternative after that. Follow the directions on the electrolyte replacement drink – some are very specific about how much and how often you can use it.


++Styles of Electrolyte Replacement Drinks++

The best electrolyte replacement drinks come in a variety of styles today. No longer are you limited to a single flavor of a bottled liquid. This variety allows you to customize the product to meet the needs you have. If you are planning a camping trip, perhaps carrying bottles would not be convenient for you unless you are taking a cooler with extra storage. A better option for a runner might be a water bottle with dissolvable pellets. Are you sick and just desperate to feel better – then a more traditional remade bottle style would probably be the most convenient and easiest way to replenish electrolytes. An athlete at the gym who plans to make a protein shake later might prefer to use a powdered product in the same shaker bottle for their convenience.



++Your Best Electrolyte Replacement Drink++

To find the best electrolyte replacement drink for you really does require a little more than simply reaching out on the shelf for the first product you see (or the one on sale). However, taking the extra time to research exactly what you want and need in an electrolyte replacement drink will guarantee that you have the best electrolyte replacement drink for you – one that meets all your needs and provides you with only what you need and nothing else. The choices on the market today are varied enough that whether you want all natural or quick and convenient, your best electrolyte replacement drink is out there.

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