best shaker bottle for protein 2016


==General Shaker Information==


Shaker bottles for protein vary greatly, but nearly all are very reasonably priced – most cost under $10. In the past, the best shaker bottles for protein were limited in style, but today, the size, style and colors are so varied, everyone can find one they like. Nearly all the best shaker bottles for protein have locking mechanisms to prevent your protein shake from leaking. Most shaker bottles are now BPA free and many are shatter proof. Many versions come with some kind of a clip, loop or hook for either your finger or to attach to a bag (or your keys if you are at the gym). If you are worried about fitting the shaker bottle into your cup holder, styles today accommodate that as well.


Some shaker bottles for protein even have a storage compartment for extra serving of protein later in the day. This feature is really nice for people who have long days or never know when they might want to make their shake – a protein shake that has sat too long is never pleasant.



==Benefits of Shaker Bottles for Protein==

Stirring with a spoon or just shaking your protein in a bottle can result in lumps of protein not dissolved – an unpleasant experience to be sure. The best shaker bottles for protein prevent clumps in your shake. Some shakers have stationary device while others contain a free floating ball type device or a mesh screen to mix your protein. The style shaker you choose might also depend on whether you intend to mix in other ingredients, like bananas or peanut butter, or simply use water, milk, or juice for the protein powder.


No matter which shaker bottle for protein you choose, you have the convenience of not needing a blender or whisk and bowl – making extra dishes before you have left the house. The shaker can also be used to mix other things too – like salad dressing – so it is not just a one trick pony. Some styles of shaker bottles are both freezer and dishwasher safe, which add to its usefulness in the kitchen.


All the best shaker bottles for protein are easily cleaned. Some simply need a good shake with soap and water, but most are now dishwasher safe. A few fancy models are even self cleaning! Shaker bottles are also easy to disassemble for cleaning – so you can be sure that the next time you make a protein shake it will be in a clean bottle.



==Why People Use Shaker Bottles for Protein==

People use shaker bottles for protein for a variety of reasons. Your reason might be just to help keep your fitness goals. Other people are trying to bulk muscle mass. For those people, the best shaker bottles for protein eliminate the need to eat every three hours – they can drink instead. Drinking protein is definitely cheaper than eating protein, so it can be a huge cost saving option for many. Young athletes still growing and developing muscles also use protein shakes to help recover quickly and build muscle mass faster. For people who struggle to meet their protein or caloric needs, a shaker bottle is an excellent option. Shaker bottles can also be used to provide extra vitamins and supplements in smoothie form. Many people also opt to use shaker bottles for protein to aid in their weight loss goals. Shaker bottles can be a meal replacement option for people.



== Shaker Bottles Unique to You==

No matter why you chose to buy a shaker bottle for protein, it is important that you do your research. If you aren’t happy with the shaker bottle you select, you aren’t likely to use it. You have to buy one that meets your needs. Read your choices and think about how you are most likely to use the bottle. If you need a feature, be certain your new bottle will come with it. The variety of shaker bottles exist today to allow you to get the exact shaker bottle to meed all your needs and wants. You need the best shaker bottle for protein for you.


Top 10 Best Grass Fed Whey Protein Powders

Grass fed whey protein powder can help you lose body fat and build strong lean muscles. It is made from cows that graze on organic grass. It is completely organic and chemical free and does not contain sugar. It provides a wide range of health and fitness benefits that include improving overall health and self-esteem. It will also help you avoid toxins that prevent fat burning and muscle building. Non-organic foods contain harsh substances that cause imbalances in the body. Processed protein powder is non-organic. Organic whey protein powder is free from added artificial ingredients. It is also full of nutrients that will help boost the immune system.


10 Best Grass Fed Whey Protein Powders


  1. ProMix Grass Fed Whey Protein– This one has a very reasonable price when purchased in bulk. It is antibiotic and hormone free. It is cold processed and non-GMO.


  1. Pure Powder Protein– This one is tested free of heavy metals and contains no artificial sweeteners, sugar or or gluten.


  1. AllMax Nutrition IsoNatural– Contains soy lecithin.


  1. ReserveAge Organics Grass-Fed Whey Protein- High biological value. Delivers great taste along with excellent mix-ability.


  1. Wild Whey Grassfed Whey Protein whey protein– Produced from grass-fed cows in south Australia and sweetened with Stevia.


  1. Pro-Optimal Whey– Lower in calories and available in chocolate.


  1. Mt. Capra Products Double Bonded Goat Milk Protein– Made from goat herd and contains no artificial color or flavors.


  1. Double Bonded Protein Deep 230– Only available through health care practitioners.


  1. Raw Organic Whey– 100% Pure organic whey protein from the milk of grass-fed Jersey cows.


  1. Bioactive Nutrients Grass-Fed Whey Protein– No purines, salt or yeast.



 The Best Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder Advantages


By choosing to add the best grass fed whey protein powder to your daily healthy diet plan, you will be provided many great health advantages like it being an excellent meal replacement because it is packed with nutrition. You will be getting high levels of antioxidants. It will also help you to regulate iron in the body. It will help you to optimize your overall health by helping you to control weight, lose unwanted fat, and build muscles. You will be provided all of the natural enzymes and amino acids you body needs and requires. It can provide you with all natural energy for excellent performance. When you fuel your body by nature, you are being good to yourself.


Where You Can Purchase The Best Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder


Online health food store retailers offer the best grass fed whey protein powder at very reasonable prices along with a complete guarantee. Your order can be shipped directly to your home or office door. Some orders may be eligible to get free or reduced shipping rates. You can get your order fast in as little as three days.


Who Can Use Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder


Grass fed whey protein powder can be used by both men, women, and children. People use it to manage their weight or control their weight. Bodybuilders love using it to help build and tone their muscles and lose fat. Some people prefer to use it for boosting their immune system and to gain natural energy daily.


Suggested Use of Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder


It is recommended for use as a natural dietary supplement by mixing one scoop or 23 grams with at least 6 to 8 oz of cold water or your favorite drink.



Where is Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder Made


It is made in different parts of the world and some places include the USA, New Zealand and Australia. It is made from cow herds and goat herds that feed on grass and grains that are all natural or organic.


Who Can Recommend Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder to You


It can be recommended to you by a friend, doctor or health care provider, dietitian or nutritionist and added to your daily diet plan for added health benefits.

















Top 10 Best Electrolyte Replacement Drinks


++Why Electrolyte Replacement Drinks++

People drink electrolyte replacement drinks all the time. Some people drink them instead of water. But what are they really for? The best electrolyte replacement drinks are needed for athletes, of course, and to help people deal with extreme heat, recover from excessive sweating, an illness and to prevent cramping. They are not just a random beverage.


The best electrolyte replacement drinks replace carbohydrates, minerals (that’s those electrolytes), often vitamins, and always liquid (water). The key, however, is the ratio of each ingredient and the combination overall. Some electrolyte replacement drinks contain sodium but no potassium, other contain sodium and potassium but no chloride or calcium. It is crucial to know what is in the electrolyte replacement drink you are buying or you might not be replacing what you think.



++Picking An Electrolyte Replacement Drink++

Before making a purchase, do your homework. Many of the best electrolyte replacement drinks are clinically tested. Go to their websites and read their information – is it what you need to meet your goals?


Check to see if the electrolyte replacement drink you are considering interferes with any medication you are taking. You may need to call your doctor or pharmacy to double check. It sounds silly, but again, the best electrolyte replacement drinks are not just a beverage – they perform a function – to replace crucial electrolytes in your body.


Are you particular about artificial ingredients? Some electrolyte replacement drinks have artificial sugars. Others contain artificial colors and flavors. Read the labels. Some of the best electrolyte replacement drinks contain only natural ingredients. Often, an easily readable ingredient list tells you something about the product. The ingredient list will also help you find any ingredient you are trying to avoid or get the most of in your electrolyte replacement drink.


In addition, be aware of the serving size. Electrolyte replacement drinks come in many forms, pellets and powders to quart size bottles. You don’t need more than the serving size to replace the electrolytes. Water is a good alternative after that. Follow the directions on the electrolyte replacement drink – some are very specific about how much and how often you can use it.


++Styles of Electrolyte Replacement Drinks++

The best electrolyte replacement drinks come in a variety of styles today. No longer are you limited to a single flavor of a bottled liquid. This variety allows you to customize the product to meet the needs you have. If you are planning a camping trip, perhaps carrying bottles would not be convenient for you unless you are taking a cooler with extra storage. A better option for a runner might be a water bottle with dissolvable pellets. Are you sick and just desperate to feel better – then a more traditional remade bottle style would probably be the most convenient and easiest way to replenish electrolytes. An athlete at the gym who plans to make a protein shake later might prefer to use a powdered product in the same shaker bottle for their convenience.



++Your Best Electrolyte Replacement Drink++

To find the best electrolyte replacement drink for you really does require a little more than simply reaching out on the shelf for the first product you see (or the one on sale). However, taking the extra time to research exactly what you want and need in an electrolyte replacement drink will guarantee that you have the best electrolyte replacement drink for you – one that meets all your needs and provides you with only what you need and nothing else. The choices on the market today are varied enough that whether you want all natural or quick and convenient, your best electrolyte replacement drink is out there.

Top 5 Best Cheap Protein Powders


There are many out there who are looking to get into shape, and if you are one of those individuals then you are probably open to trying any products that will help you out in regard to your goal to live a healthier lifestyle. There are a variety of products that you can try out when you are looking to get fit and when you want help in becoming a healthier person, and you need to find the ones that are right for you and your lifestyle. Protein powders are one great option when it comes to finding products that are healthy and that will help you to be at your best. Through the help that protein powders offer, you can get into shape and live your life in the way that you want to. Be sure that you know how to get set up with the best cheap protein powder, then use the products that you find to help your lifestyle to become healthier. Find the protein powders that will work out best for you, those that are affordable and healthy, then use them in your life. You can live healthier, thanks to all of the great products that are out there.


Use Protein Powder to Feel Full Longer:

When you are looking to get into shape, one of the problems that you can have in regard to your goal is the fact that it can be hard to stop yourself from eating too much. You don’t want to give up the foods that you love, and you want to keep eating until you feel full. When you are feeling hungry, you will grab any snack that is close to you and you will devour it. When you decide to include the best cheap protein powder in your diet, then you can stay on track in regard to your eating. When you consume enough protein powder in your day, then you will find that you feel fuller than you otherwise do. Consuming enough protein can help you out as you are looking to keep yourself from downing junk food. When you use protein to stay full, you will find that all of your old favorite snacks are a little less tempting. Choose to use protein powder to help you stay feeling full and satisfied, and to help you keep yourself from overeating.


Use Protein Powder to Start Your Day Right:

When you get up in the morning, you need to find something that will give you a good boost before you start your day. You need to have a breakfast option that you can turn to that will allow you to feel energized and ready to face the day. The food that you choose for breakfast is very important, as that will become the fuel that you rely on as you go about your day. When you are starting your day, choose to incorporate protein powder into the breakfast that you choose. Make protein powder a part of your breakfast, so that you can have the strength that you will need to get through the rest of the day. Choose to make a smoothie that has protein powder in it, or choose to add protein powder into the recipe for your favorite pancakes. Whatever you do, make sure that you get enough protein into your diet when you are eating breakfast. Start your day off with the power that you will receive when you down protein powder. Look for recipes that will help you to use protein powder as a breakfast option.


Use Protein Powder as a Cheap Protein Source:

There are some meats out there that are super expensive when you go out to the store to purchase them, and you just cannot afford to rely on such meats as your main protein source. You need to have a source of protein that is low in cost and that will be affordable to you. Look for protein powder that will work out for you in regard to costs, and then choose to add that to your diet as a low cost protein option. You need to consume a certain amount of protein each day, and you should be able to find all of the protein that you need through the low cost options that are out there, such as affordable protein powders. Whether you choose to purchase some meat to supplement the protein that you are receiving from protein powders, or you decide to mainly rely on protein powders in order to get your daily protein in, you will find that powders are low cost options in regard to the protein that you need. You will get a lot of protein in a serving of protein powder without spending a ton of money on that protein option. You would like to find food that is affordable, and you can do that when you find the right protein powders at the right prices.


Use Protein Powder When Living a Vegetarian Lifestyle:

If you are someone who has given up meat and who would like to live without it, then you can use the protein that powders offer to help your diet stay healthy and good. You would like to stay healthy always, and you would like to stay strong. You don’t have to eat meat in order to get a good amount of protein into your diet each day, you can stay healthy through the help that the best cheap protein powder options have to offer. When you use protein powder each day, and you add it to your diet, you will be able to meet your daily protein goals while remaining a vegetarian. You don’t have to rely on meat in order to stay strong, and you can use protein powder to help your vegetarian lifestyle to be one that works out well for you. You deserve to eat what you want to eat, and if you would rather not eat meat then you should be able to stay healthy without it. You can use protein powders to help you stay on track without meat. Include protein powders in your breakfast to pack it with protein without using meat, add them to your lunch and dinner to take the place of meat in those meals, as well. Use protein powders to keep your vegetarian diet working out.


Find the Right Protein Powder:

Once you know just how much you need to have protein powder in your life, then it is time to figure out which protein powder is going to work out best for you. You need to consider the best cheap protein powder, and you need to find the option that is going to do the most for you. You would like to find the kind of protein powder that will be easily digestible for you. You would like to be able to down the protein powder with no ill side effects. Look for the type of powder that will work out for you in regard to digestion. You have ideas and opinions when it comes to the flavor of the powder that you are choosing. Whether you are going to be mixing the protein powder with water or you are going to be using it in baking or smoothies, you need to find the type of powder that is going to work for you in regard to taste. Choose a powder that tastes good to you. Choose a powder that has flavor options that work out well for you. Choose a protein powder that is going to offer to you the amount of protein that you are looking for in each serving. Not all protein powders are the same in regard to what they offer, and you need to find one that will give you just what you need in regard to the amount of protein that it has in it. You need to find a powder that is going to help you meet your daily requirements and that will help you to be healthy. When you are choosing a protein powder, you want to find one that is going to make you fully happy, and you must consider all that such a powder has to offer in order to find the best one. You would like to live a healthy life, and in order to do that, you need to find a protein powder that will work out well for you.


TOP 5 best whey protein shake recipes


Best Whey Protein Shake Recipes

In recent years protein shakes have gone mainstream. For years, bodybuilders knew that protein was an essential part of muscle gain. To avoid the cost and inconvenience of consuming large quantities of meat and eggs, they began experimenting with protein shakes. They had relatively few options, though, and had to consume chalky, unappealing protein drinks. Over time, though, better ingredients and recipes became available.

Now amateur bodybuilders have caught on to the importance of protein, and the protein shake industry has exploded. These shakes are regularly featured as components of commercial fitness programs, and are readily available. There are numerous high quality, great-tasting shakes to choose from. There are also many reasons to incorporate protein shakes into your diet:


Scientists have confirmed what bodybuilders discovered through trial and error: consuming protein shakes after exercise improves muscle gain. Giving the body a rest after working out is important, but providing your body with essential nutrients is critical. After being stressed during a bodybuilding workout, muscles need protein to repair themselves. There is also evidence that protein helps reduce soreness after a workout.

If the body does not get protein from food, it will use protein contained in the muscles, which is counterproductive for anyone trying to gain muscle mass. That is why so many bodybuilders fill up on protein shakes immediately after a workout. The best whey protein shake recipes provide much-needed protein and taste good, too.

On a Diet

Dieters have also turned to protein shakes, realizing that they gain less weight when consuming their calories in protein form, as opposed to carbohydrates or fats. Shakes are a healthy substitute for high-sugar and high-fat foods, and an easy way to consume fiber. Protein is also satisfying; one drink can take the place of an entire meal.

The widespread use of protein shakes as a part of a healthy diet has led to an increase in the variety and flavors of protein shakes. Options range from fruit flavors to dessert-like mixtures. After losing weight, many people continue to regularly consume protein shakes to maintain their weight and because they like the taste.


Vegetarians have always struggled to get enough protein in their plant-based diets. It takes a lot of spinach and broccoli to provide a human body with 50 grams of protein each day. So how can people stay healthy when they are limiting themselves to non-meat foods? For some vegetarians, protein shakes are the answer.

Because whey protein is derived from milk, not meat, protein shakes fit well within most vegetarian diets. Those who are lactose intolerant or object to dairy products on other grounds can consume soy protein, instead of whey protein. The addition of protein shanks to a vegetarian diet helps maintain muscle mass and overall health.

Medical Recovery

Another group of people who use protein shakes are those recovering from serious illness – especially cancer. These patients sometimes have trouble consuming adequate nutrition in the form of solid food. For them, protein shakes are a good way to fill their bodies with energy and nutrition, without upsetting their digestive systems.

It helps them gain a healthy amount of weight, which is an important part of their recovery. Shakes can be consumed several times a day, providing a steady flow of protein and nutrients. It would be difficult or impossible to consume an equivalent number of full meals in the course of a day. Even in a weakened state, a patient can sip on a protein shake, and gradually take in the necessary nutrients.

On-the-Go Meal

The hectic modern workday has also led to an increase in the consumption of protein shakes. Some office workers have to stay at their desks through their lunch breaks, but they still need to take in adequate nutrition if they want to function well. It is it too difficult and time-consuming to eat an entire lunch meal in these conditions.

For these busy workers, a shake is the ideal food. It can be consumed at one’s desk, while walking to a meeting, or even in the car. The convenience of drinking a meal is the main selling point, but many workers also like the taste and feel of a protein shake. Whether they realize it or not, they are also benefiting from the protein they consume.


One reason that protein shakes have grown in popularity is that they have become better over the years. As people have experimented with new ingredients and new flavors, they have found combinations that are easier to consume than the land and chalky protein drinks of the past. The best whey protein shake recipes are both nutritious and delicious.

Regardless of your reason for consuming protein in liquid form, protein shakes can be a healthy and enjoyable part of your daily routine. They are as convenient as most snack foods, but provide solid nutrition instead of fat and sugar.